Public Relations

Pop culture doesn’t always get it right.

If you were to believe reality TV, you’d think “public relations” was just a euphemism for a bunch of party girls, well, throwing fancy parties. That’s not to say we can’t throw a good party, but at Archer & Hound, public relations is less about attitude – and more about influencing attitudes. We will help you craft messages and tell stories that resonate and move your audience.


We know people. In this case, they write for newspapers and work for TV stations. Strong relationships combined with killer instincts about what makes a good story translate to more coverage, appearances, and infamy (the good kind).

Public Affairs

No matter your issue or your industry, we understand that before you can build a coalition or engage constituents or launch a grassroots campaign, you have to listen. At Archer & Hound, we will help you consider the big picture, map out a strategy and build coalitions like a boss.

The rumor is there is no such thing as bad PR… except there is.

Crisis Communication

We don’t like to operate in crisis mode. We are proactive about crafting strategies and messaging before a crisis hits, so that should the worst happen, we can facilitate clear thinking and straightforward communication.

Event Planning

It’s not everything, but man, the parties are fun, especially for you, because the Archer & Hound team took care of every last detail.