Wear your heart—and your brand—on your sleeve.

The ability to translate your brand to apparel starts with an in-depth understanding of your organization’s core elements, which happens to be Archer & Hound’s specialty. The heart of who you are can be showcased on what you wear, the only question is how—and we have the answers.


T-Shirts & Longsleeves

Outerwear & Sweatshirts

Polos & Professional

Headwear & Accessories

Screen Printing, Thread & Fabric

Standard Plastisol
(Traditional-Feel Ink)

The most common ink type available, plastisol is durable, bright, bold, and appropriate for many apparel printing purposes. Because the ink sits on top of the fabric fibers, your image will stand out against any background. This is the perfect option for pantone color matching, and is the most cost effective choice.

Premium Water-Based & Discharge (Soft-Hand-Feel Ink)

Water-based and discharge inks are considered premium because of the superior feel they give once applied to fabric. As opposed to plastisol, water-based and discharge inks become part of the garment, leaving a texture that is so soft to the touch that it’s almost imperceptible. This method works best on 100% cotton materials.


In embroidery, stitches are sewn directly into fabric to make patterns or designs. Most traditionally, you’ll see embroidered logos on hats, polos, or bags, but the capabilities of embroidery go far beyond that—and our team will help you make the most out of this medium.


Fabric appliqués involve a sewing technique in which a small piece of fabric is sewn onto clothing to make a pattern or design. This process leads to stand-out pieces with impactful artwork, whether it’s just text, your logo, or a statement piece.

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