Social Media Content & Community Manager

Annalee Fanucchi

Social Media || Content Creation || Public Relations || Data & Analytics

With a keen eye for detail and plenty of innovative ideas, this social media maven specializes in bringing our clients’ visions to life—and then taking them to the next level with smart planning and analytics. Annalee graduated from Fresno State with a degree in business marketing and immediately jumped into the world of social, eager to feed her passion. Even though she can’t whistle, she’s very in-tune with the latest social media trends. She is obsessed with the ever-changing nature of this industry—there is always something new to learn or test, and for Annalee, there is nothing better than applying those skills to help our clients find success.

In between projects, Annalee is scrolling through news headlines or listening to the latest episodes of her favorite podcasts. When she’s at home, Annalee detaches from her phone to spend time with her friends, family, and puppy, Koda, or to escape into the pages of a recent bestseller. Whether she’s in or out of the office, Annalee stays ahead of the curve. She’s a dreamer, a visionary, and a true trendsetter, from her style to her strategies (but we think she might also be what dreams are made of).

Certifications & Awards

Annalee is certified in Google Ads Search and LinkedIn’s SEO: Keyword Strategy.

Community Involvement

Annalee was on the Fresno State Dance Team for three years and cheered for football, basketball, volleyball, and wresting. With the Dance Team, she was often involved in community events, like Fresno State’s Dog Days and student orientations. While at Fresno State, she was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, where she held the Public Relations Chairman Position, managing the chapter’s social media accounts and overseeing the public image of KKG and its members. She has also volunteered at Kids Day and Stone Soup Preschool, and raised money for Valley Children’s Hospital.

Dog Breed

A Diligent
Bernese Mountain Dog

Beneath the Berner’s sweet, good-natured temperament is an intelligent, powerful worker—much like Annalee. They are driven, dedicated, and love a challenge almost as much as their family. Annalee may not have a silky tricolor coat, but her hair is very shiny.

DISC Personality


Annalee is friendly and personable, as indicated by her high I level, but her high D means she isn’t afraid to take the lead. She is goal-oriented and self-reliant, even though she loves working with others. She can see the details as well as the bigger picture, an asset to any team.

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