Social Media Community Manager

Arianna Padilla

Content Creation || Community Engagement || Influencer & Media Relations

Ari always stands out in a crowd—and not just because of her hair color! The quintessential social butterfly, Ari adapts to her surroundings and plays to her strengths, capturing the attention of colleagues and clients alike. She loves the challenge of telling a cohesive story with the perfect language and visuals—a fondness that has served her well in her position as a Community Manager. Ari’s role also requires her to monitor and maintain our clients’ pages on various platforms, providing key performance insights and guiding her toward even more impactful and engaging pieces. She sees social media as an opportunity to connect consumers with their wants and needs, and she loves sharing content that inspires action in our communities and beyond.

In her role as a community manager, Ari relies on a combination of organizational, problem-solving, and design skills to produce effective content. After hours, the creativity continues as she plays one of her many instruments or puts pencil to paper. Known among friends as a fast learner, Ari picks up on cues (musical or otherwise) that help her find her next step forward. Her passion for plugging into current trends keeps our content fresh and our office playlists primed. Whether she’s singing along to one of her favorite songs or producing the latest post for our clients, Ari always knows the right words!

Community Involvement

Ari is a passionate animal lover, and she can’t resist the opportunity to help a stray dog or cat. She often stops to help lost animals in the street and collects supplies to donate to shelters whenever she can.

Dog Breed

A Loyal
Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is known for going with the flow—or the long, flowing coat, depending on who you ask. Just like Ari, this breed can thrive in any environment with enough affection—but don’t let that relaxed demeanor fool you, because under the fluff lies a fiercely faithful friend!

DISC Personality


Ari’s DISC shows that she is a master of mixing it up. Her natural flexibility and resilience allow her to move with confidence in many circles, while her sense of urgency ensures she can make waves when needed—a recipe for success in the chaotic kitchen of community management.

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