Carlos Cacho
Sales Representative, Branded Merchandise

Carlos Cacho

Promotional Products || Brand Application || Client Relations

Carlos’ friendly demeanor and open-minded approach allow for unique and creative applications for our clients, whether developing an exciting promo package for favored customers or making sure event products stand out in the crowd. He understands the need for balance between form and function, especially when merchandise is representative of an entire organization. Carlos draws on his experience in retail, distribution, and outdoor advertising to help him match the right products with the right purposes and people—a level of expertise and consideration that can’t be replicated by online bulk printers.

In addition to helping our clients showcase their brand in the best way possible, Carlos is key in ensuring they receive what they order and keeping them informed throughout the process. While he loves building relationships with businesses in the Central Valley and beyond, he’s always ready to sort item sizes and colors, organize packing, and make deliveries. His willingness to learn and listen shines in client meetings and collaborations with the A&H team. No matter what type of branded merchandise a client is looking for, Carlos is happy to help make it happen.

Certifications & Awards

Carlos has a Bachelor of Arts in business administration, with an emphasis on marketing communication

Community Involvement

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Dog Breed

A Big-Hearted

Boxers are loyal and unapologetically joyful dogs who love to be around others, just like Carlos. Their intelligence and focus are matched by their enthusiasm and energy, and they rely on keen observation skills to monitor their people and make sure everyone is doing well. Despite the many commonalities, Carlos distinctively lacks slobber—and no one is complaining.

DISC Personality


Daniel’s DISC shows that he is all about the data. He prefers to work behind the scenes, supporting the team by connecting dots with an emphasis on analysis and accuracy. His detail-oriented, objective nature lends well to our fast-paced environment—Daniel is always cool under pressure.

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