Trianne Harabedian Flores

Content Creation || Copywriting || Brand Development

Trianne has had a passion for prose since a very young age, so it’s no surprise that she’s found her place at Archer & Hound as a copywriter. Over the years, her work experiences have varied, but her commitment to the craft of writing has remained consistent. Whether working in independent bookstores, online academia, or advertising, every job has been a place for her to intentionally read and write, building skills in every instance. As her capabilities have grown, Trianne has expanded her interests in kind, and working within the advertising industry has provided the perfectly challenging combination of creativity and constraint.

Trianne is a strong writer independently, but she thrives in a team environment, inspired by the many ideas that come to fruition when working collaboratively. Despite familiarity with facing difficult feedback, she refuses to take creative criticisms too personally. She remains unaffectedly persistent and helpful, committed to following projects to completion and learning from the results. A true student at heart, Trianne wouldn’t be satisfied without the lesson at the end of the story.

Certifications & Awards

Trianne has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in creative writing from Belhaven University, as well as a Master of Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from San Francisco State University. Her poetry has been featured in literary journals such as The Ear, West Trade Review, and Transfer.

Community Involvement

When Trianne isn’t in the office, she teaches fifth and sixth graders at First Presbyterian Church. She also occasionally writes articles for Comic Book Resources.

Dog Breed

A Scholarly
King Charles Spaniel

Spaniels are known for being quietly observant, an apt descriptor for Trianne, as well. Beyond their compassionate natures, clear-eyed intelligence, and luscious locks, their similarities include a tendency for grace and courtesy, with a more playful openness among pals.

DISC Personality

Coordinating Supporter

With a mix of high S, C, and I, Trianne is usually steady, easygoing, and relaxed, possessing a balanced objectivity that makes her a huge asset during times of chaos or crisis. This also indicates that she likes to understand the reasons behind choices and changes because she’s constantly making connections that will help her and others down the line.

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